Outdoor Photography Courses and Gift Vouchers by Steve Whitaker

Taken near Elterwater in the Lake DistrictWhy not join me and come on an enchanting walk to photograph the ever changing landscape. The photography courses I host are designed to get the most out of the location, the time of the year and the right time of the day. As the sunrise and sunset times change over the course of the year, then so do my workshops as we get to capture the different scenes as the light comes and goes throughout the calendar.

One to One photography available on request - Get the answers you need, learn important techniques and develop your vision for outdoor photography - £25hr Please contact me to find out more

Groups - Design your own course and you say who comes on it. If you are a couple or a group of up to 4 persons then I can accommodate you. If you have a date/time in mind then I can design the course according to your needs. Please contact me to find out more.

Night Courses -£30
Night courses are designed to show you how to understand the light, the main aspect to a photo. The transition from day to night tests your camera skills, as it gets darker the photos become harder to control but the results are much more fascinating and you'll get some excellent photos from your time on the course. Covering Light trails, movement and city scapes, star trails, sunsetsAudi Milky Way

Half Day Course - £45
Half Day Courses cover the technical side of photography. The morning light is a favourite amongst outdoor photographers and in this course you will learn where to stand, what settings to use and how to get the most out of your visits to your favourite places as well as get some excellent photos from your time on the course. Covering sunrises, mists, waterfalls and classic compositions

Full Day Course - £95
Full day courses make the most out of a visit to a location. There is plenty of time to discover which areas you are good at as a photographer and which areas need some more attention. e.g You might know you're camera's settings really well but your composition is lacking a little or you know how to use your ND Filter but how do you control the white balance of your camera and you know how to focus selectively but how do you know you are getting a sharp photograph all the way through the picture. There is so much to learn in landscape photography that one day is not enough, it is said that you need thousands of hours practice at this to become consistent and an expert so my courses will teach you the next step or something different to what you already know. All my courses are outdoor courses and the weather can play a big part in the outcome of your photography, if it rains or it is windy then the course will still go ahead, I have learnt how to take photos in these conditions and even the bad weather can influence some great landscapes. We may not stay in just one location for a full day course, we may travel around the area walking or driving if necessary.Fairfield from Deepdale Rest assured you will return home with a variety of photos and techniques you can enjoy in the future and learn from them for future excursions. Covering tips and tricks, movement in the sea, using colour as composition, using shapes as composition, post processing, GRAD & ND filters, controlling the sky, waterfalls, your camera settings and developing your own skills.

Gift Vouchers

You can buy gift vouchers for my photography courses, a wonderful present for someone you know who wants to learn more and get the most from their camera. Starting at £30 for an evening course, workshops range from a short 2.5hr course where we photograph the city as its gets dark and understand moving light, an afternoon at a unique location working at composition and using filters, or a full day where knowing where to go when the intense daylight causes you to think differently about your photography, a real skill you need to know to acomplish a wide range of images.

 Testamonials - Here's what people have to say
"After buying my entry level SLR a couple of years ago, this was the first time I have ever really stopped to think about what the settings mean, and how I can improve my shots. Most of all, Steve exuded passion for taking stimulating and artistic photos, which was contagious" - Carmel, Huddersfield
"I've now attended a couple of Steve's photography courses which I've thoroughly enjoyed. My main aim was to be able to take a landscape photo that I'd be happy to put on my wall at home. I'm pleased to say I've been able to do this and as a bonus have one of my photos published in Yorkshire Life! Thanks Steve!" - Paul, Dewsbury

"Low Light in Halifax was amazing! here are some of my images from the course! Had a great time and learnt lots of key points that i can use for the future. Thanks Again" - Olivia, Halifax "Its amazing to see the images the camera takes when you understand what to do with it, it seems simple now!" - John, York

"I wanted to know more about the technical side to taking a photo, white balance, depth of field, lens deffraction, balancing expsoures, complex compositions, Steve talked me through all of these but more interestingly for me, he told me how to understand the light" - Jean, Pontefract

Terms and conditions

 The following terms and conditions shall apply in respect of all workshop bookings and will form the basis of your contract with Steve Whitaker of Tivfoto. You agree to the rules and regulations by attending one of the workshops and signing the pre questionnaire document

1. Every effort will be made to ensure the personal safety of all workshop participants, but bookings are accepted on the understanding that you appreciate the risks and hazards associated with the activity. TivFoto or myself Steve Whitaker will not accept responsibility for accidents, injury, carelessness, illness, negligence or lack of punctuality attributable to the workshop participant, unless this arises from the negligence from the workshop leader. You attend this workshop at your own risk to self and possessions.

2. For safety, all workshop participants must at all times agree to comply with the decisions taken by the leader of the workshop.

3. It is advisable that all workshop participants and their equipment be fully insured for the duration of the workshop. (Often credit card, breakdown companies, and work related policies already cover this, so it’s advisable to check). Workshop participants are responsible for arranging their own insurance, which should cover at least medical expenses, accidental injury, cancellation and curtailment.

4. TivFoto does not accept responsibility for any loss, theft or damage of valuables, including camera equipment, during a workshop.

Equipment stored in TivFoto or Steve Whitaker transportation is done so at your own risk. You should be insured against loss of or damage to baggage and personal possessions including all your camera equipment.

5. In the unfortunate event of cancellation, every attempt will be made to substitute your place. If your place is re-filled then any money you have paid is fully refundable, minus your deposit and any PayPal fees. In the event of your place not being re-filled, it is advisable to take out insurance to militate against any losses.

6. We reserve the right to change the tour itinerary due to unforeseen circumstances and conditions. We will make alternative arrangements as required, but no refunds can reimburse for unutilised services.

7. Responsibility must be accepted for any equipment loaned to you, and you must agree to pay for any loss or damage caused to this equipment while in your care

8. Please note, on rare occasions workshops may have to be rearranged or cancelled due to circumstances out of my control. If this happens, an alternative workshop will be offered, or a bespoke alternative will be arranged.

8. We are unable to accept bookings from persons under 18 years old.

9. By paying for and attending the workshop, you are agreeing to accept these Terms and Conditions.

10. Gift Vouchers, Gift vouchers are non refundable, if you cannot attend the workshop you have commited to then you must make arrangements for the gift voucher to be used by someone else, once the gift voucher has been used to attend a specific course then the gift voucher cannot be used again.

11.Gift Vouchers are proof that you have purchased a course, its not imperative that you bring the voucher with you on the course. TivFoto and the attendee both have record that the gift voucher has been purchased and the workshop instructor knows who is to attend the course, when the course is held.