About Steve Whitaker Photography

I am a landscape photographer based in Yorkshire, UK and I write about the pictures I take and host the best one's on my website www.tivfoto.com and hopefully influence other photographers with the knowledge I have gained over time. I've been taking pictures for as long as I remember but it became a real passion when I first got a digital camera back in 1999. It was a Sony DSC F55e, 2mp and a Carl Zeiss lens. I was astounded by the freedom I had to take as many pictures as I wanted and develop them on the computer in many creative ways. At this point my love for the outdoors had been developing for some time and I was always using the camera whilst walking in the Yorkshire Dales or Lake District or even at work when I worked in and around west Yorkshire driving a van. The Sony DSC F55e suited me for 5 years until it was time to purchase a more up to date compact camera.

In 2004 I got a Pentax Optio S4 and this was handy enough to take everywhere in my pocket and I used it always with a small tripod which I knew would give me a better dusk or night shot. In 2007 my creativity started to outshine the Pentax's output and so I bought a Nikon D70s camera which was the start of something great. If i'm being honest I didn't take a good shot with this camera for months, I was forever comparing it to the Pentax point and shoot camera thinking it was no better but just like a bike with no stabilisers, I had to get used to it, get used to taking photos in manual mode and I soon got to grips with all the different ways to take a picture.

The next step was accessories, after reading about landscape shots I soon bought a heavyweight tripod, Manfrotto it was and soon I was taking clever shots. The next thing was filters, to help with creativity and trickery, this was adding to the beauty of the pictures but not completing them. The other aspect of getting a great shot was composition, composition cannot be learnt by reading about it, you have to get involved, understand why other pictures are great and yours are only half great. I set off on a mission to get great shots by copying the best landscapers, doing what they did and understanding why they did it, yes it had been done before but I needed to get my so caled 'landscapers badges' through visits to some common locations.

In 2009 I got my most recent camera, the Nikon D90. What a great camera, doubled up with the Nikon 18-200 VR Lens it is the best camera i've owned and actually cuts the mustard when it comes to proving a photograph technically. This camera is where I've really picked up my skills as a photographer as it is full of great features to allow me to take a plethera of photographs successfully. One things for sure though, its not the camera that makes the photo work its the eye behind the camera.

In May 2012 I acquired may latest camera, the Nikon D800. It was anticipated as the new Canon 5D Mk2 and I haven't found any issues with it as yet as it has taken some brilliant photos, Its ability to capture so much information is incredible and i'm astounded with its features. I still use my Nikon 18-200vr DX lens which is annoying but forces me to think about the subject and technical aspects again and again before pressing the shutter to capture what i'm seeing.


The passion for photography is a part of life now, I have had many jobs photographing weddings, children & babies, animals and have recently been comissioned to take on some travel photography in Turkey and France. Hopefully the business will grow and grow.

The ultimate job would be a travel photographer. Wouldn't it be just great to travel to new destinations knowing the reason your going is to photograph somewhere in all its glory, yes it would be tiring, frustrating and sometimes soul destroying but I can handle it.